Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hello Death !

Hello my Chéris-Chéris,

Yesterday my friend Marco gives me help to take off my front brake.  I was so excited to take it off  but when the work was done: The reality was screaming :  "DAMN, THIS FRONT WHEEL NEEDS DESPERATLY A SPOOLHUB" !!!

I need to cut the handlebars and shave the fork.
Dual accelerator is ugly too. Only one cable would be better than 2 :/


- Electric work
- put the start button on the ignition
- shave the fork
- shave the T
- cut the handlebar
- when my front tire will be dead, change for a MK2 Speedmaster
- Spoolhub

My bike is on diet too.
Less is more.




Hermit said...

I love bare-bones bikes.
But front brakes are nice. Hit the rear brake on a wet road and you seem to go faster!

Damn, I sound like a mother hen!

Hairy Larry said...

Cluck too...most of the stopping power does come from the front binder...just sayin'.

Pete Stansfield said...

Your'e gonna die x


I won't die before get kid and build a house but fall in the slope to go out from my garage tryin open the door, one feet on the back break and my two hands searching for the electronic key in my bag for sure yes !!!

I really need training to don't fall in slope in first speed or engine off.

Hairy Larry said...

The driveway crash is always the most embarrassing....

(No Name) said...

This is dangerous.

mq01 said...

very old skool, i love it!!!
and ps, mr death, i know i dance with him every time i step foot on my shiny slick garage floor, :)

Darryl Rotten said...

I've been runnin only a drum rear on my ironhead sporty for a few years now,it's not so bad.At this point it just feels like thats the way it always was.Yer bike looks rad,just remember,extend following distance to account for unexpected stop's,ride with homie's you trust,and keep an eye onthe cable especially near the ferrule cuz thats where them fuckers like to break, if it's disc yer better off than me already.You'll be fine.Plus sliding in sideways when you lock it up is awesome once in awhile.

(No Name) said...

Okay this has been bugging me for days. Olivia, by removing the front brake, you make your motorcycle much more dangerous to ride, and you increase significantly the chance that you will be involved in a serious accident. That accident has the potential to destroy your motorcycle, and kill you. Please don't do it.

Hairy Larry said...

Like 'No Name' said...sounds very dangerous. When I was a bike mechanic we had a policy of not taking in bikes that we deemed were to dangerous to ride.( And this was a shop that worked on choppers and racers...). And no matter how safe you try to be, it's that guy that pulls out in front of you with no warning that'll get you...or out here we have a lotta crazy deer that will decide to cut you off. As I get older, I want more brake...not less.


My dear Followers,

I thank you for all your advices and your consideration.

I don't ride fast as you. I don't have a powerfull engine. I always anticipate more than anybody here. I don't ride in a virilist manner. I use very few my brake because i don't ride like the common man who almost broke their brake lever under the pressure of their hands.

Because my credo is " everything, everybody on the road or the side of the road is a danger".
I never let me take profit of the brise in my air. Never. I never let it goes with the flow. I never loose my concentration.

The major thing to stay alive in France : 1st rule : Don't use daily your bike to go to work. Rule i still broke sometimes but 5 days a week it's finish now.

Plus, i will fix the back break on the frame and why not a second brake disc on the back wheel ? This bike will be as a train on a railroad. So you don't need to worry.
I won't quite this world before a long time plus I don't believe in the hazard.

You know. I'm not someone with a big self confidence. I always i've got doubt, always put myself in questions, i take care of what my entourage said, i know listen too. But concerning my front brake. It's no. I won't change my mind and i'm feel confident. I take the risk. This risk is the same as the first day i decide to pass my bike licence. The day you put your voluptuous body on a bike seat involve this risk.

Plus, i sacrify my woman life to put all the few money i earn as a not well paid secretary for my bike. I don't made this sacrifice to have a bike i dislike. This is my dream, i want a pure bike before my 40 years and before got kids. That's all i want.


Capion mc said...

Kudos to you Miss Banana, I could easily go without a front brake and to be honest stock Harley front brake versus no brake = not much difference! Then again I rarely venture into that hell hole called Montpellier on my scoot! You do what you want and I for one will be proud of your courage. Just remember no matter how confident you are, how good a rider you are, the young ethnic people from Paillade probably don't own the car they are driving and certainly don't have insurance and your insurance is not worth the green paper it's printed on!
There are are some nice tiny and tidy drum brake hubs you could string on to your 21" rims.
Nice knowing you, do what you do, but do it wisely.


Hell Hole ha ha ha that's the perfect describe !!!!

As we said here : They had got their drive licence in a Crack-Jack, to tell ironicaly that they had paid a fake drive licence in their countries when they have got one in their pocket.

Hermit said...

I applaud you for facing risk with no fear. I rode for a couple of years with no front brake, had a few scary moments, but i survived. It was not my primary bike, just a rigid I rode when bar-hopping.
If i commuted to work every day in traffic, I'd definitely run a good disc in front. A good compromise is a drum front, as mentioned above, it keeps that ugly brake reservoir and master cylinder off the bars.
Bottom line is, ride the way you like, that's what motorcycles are all about!
If we wanted to be perfectly safe we'd all drive Volvos with air bags.


Just to said a last word : i'm not a "fearless personn".
Most of the time i miss good waves because i know that i'm not an enought good surfer to catch it and i know that it will finish in a awfull wipe out. It will take me 15 minutes to paddle again at the line up with no force in the arms, because i've been smashed by a 3 tons monster of water. So i feel the fear when a wave too big for me is coming. That's the same in life, i'm not a fool.

Everything is a danger : My secret to stay alive : Anticipation, Concentration and Paranoïa ;)

Hairy Larry said...

Yeah , years ago there were some miniature drum set-ups run on choppers...somebody probably still makes something like, you are saying the rest of us maniacs ride like bezerkers eh..? uh, well...sometimes I resemble that remark...hahaha!

Wes said...

I think I love you!!!


@Hairy Larry ha ha ha !!! Yep i argue you are all maniacs ha ha ha ha :)))

Me too i ride fast when it's possible to do it or i must to do it to escape from a danger, I love ride fast on desert roads or curvy mountains but concerning city centers WOW !!! Too much drivers with mobile phone, north africans and drunk romanian people without drive licences here !!! You truly needs two more eyes on back of your head ha ha ha !!! Too much crossroads without visibility pfew !!! So i prefer be at the same speed as the other car drivers and anticipate to brake at the perfect moment to do it.

@Wes : ha ha ha ha !!!

110volts said...

Olalala Holly, qu'est tu fiches !?

Au risque de faire le rabat-joie...même si tu es prudente sur la route,le frein actif sur n'importe quel véhicule c'est celui de devant et avoir un frein, ça permet donc de rouler plus vite et mieux...Ok pour l'anticipation, mais quid du lapin dans un virage aveugle ? ou dans le brouillard, ou la nuit ? à moins que te ne te mettes qu'à rouler de jour , l'été, en ligne droite avec une bordure de clotures !?? Sans compter qu'en cas de crash...l'assureur se regalera...allons Holly ! Mr 110


Je le sais tout ça et j'assume.

Au passage, on roule quand autour du Pic Saint-Loup ?