Thursday, March 22, 2012

This post is for one of my followers who will recognize himself

Ok each time i start my bike and look at my shoes, i'm feel guilty since i had horrified  "King of the Colorado roads"  with my Van's shoes.

So yesterday, thinking he is right about been safe. I put my boots. Oh my, it takes me 5 minutes to put it by feet (by the past i've got nice vintage Chippewa but it takes me 20 minutes by feet so i made an exchange with my ex fellah and take his common boots more easier to fit in)
(i don't feet in women boots because in France women shoes stop at 41/US W10-11. That's why i could only wear women open high heels, but forget women boots! !!)

Ok, since i' ve got my bike i ride it each day. I try speedways in middle of big trucks, nighty roads, rainy roads, bad condition tare etc
But wear slim jean's + engineer boots was the most extrem practice haaaaaaa! 

I can't feel the speed selecter and i'm feel like i've got robot feet. I don't feel the brake too. I really not feel comfortable and i loose reactivity in traffic jam. In a country as France, the selfish Republic, you always should be very reactive because drivers don't give a shit to motorcyclists. And to improve hardness, drivers got a wonderfull view on my underwear, damn slim jean's  !!!!

Pffffew where's my Van's today  ?!?!?!?



WhitelinePsycho said...

Damn shame you have so much difficulty with them because they look fantastic on, enjoy the Vans darlin, we've all got em . . . and watch out for the cagers.


Damn french cagers with their mobiles phone in roundabout !!

(No Name) said...

My dear BananaMama,

Those are Excellent motorcycle boots! Stick with them and you WILL get used to riding with them. You look like you'd be right at home at the Buffalo Rose in Golden CO.

Take care and be safe! Barry

kyjunker said...

haha...better than flip-flops!


What ????? i read nothing haaaaaa !!!

This summer i will ride with my flipflops !!!
Flipflops and barefoot are my 2nd religion !:)

Thomas "Burrito Bros." said...

Looks great. safe. and perfect!

swordfish said...

Very nice boots, look great !!